Bleach 673

Today’s chapter starts with Renji and Rukia arriving to see a giant Valkyrie, as the fight between Captains Zaraki, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Valkyrie wages on. Renji and Rukia are very surprised to finally meet Captain Hitsugaya’s older brother!? This is a very funny moment, as we all know that Captain Hitsugaya looks older because of his bankai. Suddenly, everyone stops, as they sense Ichigo’s power. … Continue reading Bleach 673

Bleach 672

And we’re back after a short Golden Week break, and things are getting interesting. When we last saw Captain Zaraki, Captain Hitsugaya, and Captain Kuchiki, they had combined their forces to bring down Sternritter Valkyrie. Captain Hitsugaya was left drained, as his new ultimate bankai form has taken its toll. Before he collapses, Captain Kuchiki manages to catch him by the arm. However, before they … Continue reading Bleach 672

Nisekoi 213

In the last chapter, we were left with a cliffhanger, and now we will find out what Raku mean about the last time he saw Chitoge at school. We start with Tsugumi shouting that Chitoge has disappeared! Then Yui reveals that before Chitoge disappeared she left a letter of absence. So this means that the disappearance was planned. But then where is Chitoge? Raku decides … Continue reading Nisekoi 213

Bleach 671

Hello everyone! Thanks again for visiting JapanSauce, where we review all of your favorite manga. So Bleach has been consistently providing exciting new chapters over the last few weeks, and this week is no different. So let’s get going! Last week we saw what we learned is Captain Hitsugaya’s fully-mature bankai, which causes him to mature a lot. Hold-on to your seats ladies, because here … Continue reading Bleach 671

Nisekoi 212

And we’re back with another chapter of Nisekoi, so let’s get into it. Last week, Chitoge overheard Kosaki tell Raku that she loved him. Of course, Raku was unconscious, but this is Nisekoi after all, haha. Kosaki is surprised when she sees Chitoge standing there, and quickly asks if Chitoge overheard her. Chitoge denies it all. So it seems that only Kosaki saw the magical … Continue reading Nisekoi 212

Nisekoi 211

This week’s manga comes with the voting for the most popular characters in Nisekoi. And the winner is….Chitgoe Kirisaki with 4,443 votes! In a close second place is Kosaki Onodera with 4,337 votes. And rounding off the top three is Seishirou Tsugumi, one of my personal favorites. But where is Raku Ichijou?? Well, he is in 11th place! Not very good, but I’m sure many … Continue reading Nisekoi 211

Bleach 668

Last week we left off with the fight between Valkyrie and Captain Zaraki, and this week that fight wages on. Captain Zaraki is somehow getting injured by Valkyrie’s sword, but doesn’t know how. This is when we learn that Valkyrie’s power allows his to manifest people’s thoughts and feelings into objects like his sword. Basically, this means that each time Valkyrie’s sword is damaged, Captain … Continue reading Bleach 668