Bleach 669

And after a short hiatus, JapanSauce is back!!! So let’s get right to it.

No 1

In the last chapter, Yachiru had just given Captain Zaraki some immense power. But what was this? It’s the power of his Bankai!

And it is an immense surge of power that is pumped into Captain Zaraki.


And then Captain Zaraki is revealed, holding what appears to be a crooked Cleaver, and his skin is red. This is an ominous sight, but so fitting for someone as powerful as Captain Zaraki.


Valkyrie is still not impressed, and decides that he will crush Captain Zaraki with only his fists.


Captain Zaraki lifts his head, and what we see is his face with black marks and an evil grin. This is truly the last thing that most people will ever see, it is the face of pure power and death. And it looks awesome!


Like a demonic beast, Captain Zaraki bites Valyrie’s fist and rips his arm off in one motion!


No 10

And that’s not all, now his sword is able to easily cut through Valkyrie’s shield!

No 11

Captain Zaraki finishes his combo by upper-cutting Valkyrie off of the ledge.

No 12

No 13

Valkyrie is extremely upset, and suddenly sprouts wings and flies at Captain Zaraki.

No 14

Captain Zaraki lunges at Valkyrie, and with one swing cleaves Valkyrie in two!

No 15

No 16

And the chapter ends. What!? Woah! This chapter was all action and fighting, and it rocked. We finally see Captain Zaraki’s bankai, and it is similar to Ichigo in the sense that the bankai increases his strength, speed, and power. I could not think of a better bankai for Captain Zaraki than this blood red demon power.

What will the next chapter bring? Tune in to see, and thanks for visiting JapanSauce!



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