88-Stop Anime Pilgrimage In Japan!

The Anime Tourism Association has just announced that more than 80 cities, towns, and wards have been selected for the “Anime Tourism 88-Stop Pilgrimage.” The locations will contain places that were shown-in or inspired scenes in various different anime. The 88-Anime Pilgrimage is based on the the Shikoku Henro–the 88-Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. Some of the locations are the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo and the City … Continue reading 88-Stop Anime Pilgrimage In Japan!

Japan Gets 3rd Place In Air Guitar!

It looks like one of the cool ways to play some air guitar is while wearing your Sumo gear or Samurai armor. At least this is what Shota Monden–better known as “Show-Show”–did at the Air Guitar World Championships. His amazing routines earned him 3rd place, and he definital had fun doing it. Checkout his routines here: So put down your katana and pick-up your air … Continue reading Japan Gets 3rd Place In Air Guitar!

Japanese Phrases For Convenience Stores In Japan!

There are tons of sites that teach you basic Japanese phrases for travel in Japan, but almost none of them teach you useful phrases to use when you are in Japanese “Konbini” or convenience stores. So here are some useful phrases to know when you stop by your favorite 7-11, Lawson, or Family Mart in Japan! いらっしゃいませ! / Irasshaimase! This is an easy one, and … Continue reading Japanese Phrases For Convenience Stores In Japan!

Tokushima “Awa Odori” Festival!

If you like to dance, then head over to Tokushima for the annual “Awa Odori” Festival! Over 1.2 Million performers and spectators will be in Tokushima, Japan over the next few days to take part in one of Japan’s largest dance festivals! “Awa Odori” is part of the Obon festival in Tokushima, and originates from the Japanese Buddhist custom of honoring the spirits of ancestors. … Continue reading Tokushima “Awa Odori” Festival!

Shibuya Bon-Odori Dance Festival!

The first-ever Shibuya Bon-Odori Dance Festival was held yesterday  at the famous Shibuya Crossing. And it was amazing! The Bon-Odori Dance is one of the events that are a part of Obon, the Japanese festival to honor the spirits of ancestors. People all over Japan travel back to their homes to visit and clean their family graves. It is a solemn event, but the families … Continue reading Shibuya Bon-Odori Dance Festival!