Shueshia Launches Free Manga Plus Service!

  Get ready manga fans, because Shueshia has launched a new app and website called “MANGA Plus” that will allow you to read new chapters of some very popular manga as they come out in Japan! That’s right, you can have a place to read your favorite manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump Square, and Shonen Jump at the same time that they come out … Continue reading Shueshia Launches Free Manga Plus Service!

List of Spring 2019 Anime Is Out!

Otaku, Gamers, and Anime Fans get ready to begin your anime binge-watching, as the list of anime for Spring 2019 is out! Checkout all of the anime available here: So have fun watching, but make sure to pace yourself and drink lots of water! Continue reading List of Spring 2019 Anime Is Out!

Ranking Of Top Selling Manga!

The latest ranking of the top-selling manga of all-time really show how much people all over the world love manga. And here is the list: 1. One Piece It has sold over 360,000,000 copies! I think he might really become the Pirate King. 2. Detective Conan It sold  200,000,000. There are a lot of detectives out there. 3. Naruto It sold 135,000,000. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading Ranking Of Top Selling Manga!

Japan’s “88 Anime Pilgrimage” Guidebook Released!

As some of you may know, last year the Anime Tourism Association in Japan released a list of the top 88 anime pilgrimage sites for 2018. The goal was to allow die-hard anime otaku fans all-around the world to visit the sites from their favorite anime, while increasing tourism in Japan. Well, the Anime Tourism Association has just released its official walking guide book, which … Continue reading Japan’s “88 Anime Pilgrimage” Guidebook Released!

“Cowboy Bebop” Live-Action TV Series!

Anime fans rejoice! And maybe worry a little bit. It has been announced that one of the best anime of all time–Cowboy Bebop–will be getting a live-action TV series. The iconic anime from legendary director Shinchiro Watanabe was one of the first anime to really become a major international hit. Now, Tomorrow Studio, in partnership with Sunrise–the anime studio that produced Cowboy Bebop, are working … Continue reading “Cowboy Bebop” Live-Action TV Series!

Dragon Ball Super’s New “Universe Survival” Arc!

Dragon Ball Super, the sequel to the hugely popular Dragon Ball Z series, will enter its new “Universe Survival” arc beginning February 5, 2017. The new story will see 10 warriors that represent Universe 7 (which includes Earth), battle against teams from the other 11 universes in another grand martial arts tournament. This is always how people solve problems in the Dragon Ball series, haha. … Continue reading Dragon Ball Super’s New “Universe Survival” Arc!