New Final Fantasy Wine Set!

Square Enix has just revealed its new “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine Crystal Edition.” This wine set will sell for $950! Yup, its a pretty hefty price tag. It includes a thirty-year old bottle of Chateau Myney red wine, and two Final Fantasy wine glasses with Swarovski crystals. May be this would be a good gift for Valentine’s Day? Though I’m sure you could … Continue reading New Final Fantasy Wine Set!

Wakakusa Yamayaki 2017!

Today, the annual Wakakusa Tamaki event took place, where the grass of Nara’s Mount Wakakusayamis set on fire. This amazing display of fire includes an amazing firework display. The event takes place each year on the 4th Saturday of January, and involves ceremonies at Todaiji, Kofukuji, and Kasuga shrine. If you missed this year’s event, then make sure to stop by next year! –Sal Continue reading Wakakusa Yamayaki 2017!

Doraemon and Tokyo Solamachi Collaboration!

Doraemon and Tokyo Solamachi are collaborating on a special event ahead of the new movie “Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic.” The event will run from February 4, 2017, and includes an ice skating rink, cafes, and virtual reality experience. The ice skating rink will be located at the Sky Arena on the 4th floor of Tokyo Sky Tree. The limited-time “Doraemon … Continue reading Doraemon and Tokyo Solamachi Collaboration!

Dragon Ball Food Fair And Stamp Rally!

Fans of Dragon Ball have another event to celebrate, as the East Japan Railway Company is having a special Dragon Ball event until February 27, 2017. The event includes a Stamp Rally and food fair, which will bring artwork, food, and stamp locations around the 63 JR stations and 2 Tokyo Monorail stations. Collecting stamps will give you the chance to win prizes, including special … Continue reading Dragon Ball Food Fair And Stamp Rally!

Dragon Ball Super’s New “Universe Survival” Arc!

Dragon Ball Super, the sequel to the hugely popular Dragon Ball Z series, will enter its new “Universe Survival” arc beginning February 5, 2017. The new story will see 10 warriors that represent Universe 7 (which includes Earth), battle against teams from the other 11 universes in another grand martial arts tournament. This is always how people solve problems in the Dragon Ball series, haha. … Continue reading Dragon Ball Super’s New “Universe Survival” Arc!

Magikarp Taiyaki Cakes in Japan!

Pokemon fans rejoice! You can now eat one of your not-so-favorite Pokemon: Magikarp. The Yokohama Kuikoan taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) shop locations in Yokohama Nishiguchi, Minato Mirai, Akihabara, and Kichijoji, are now selling Magikarp taiyaki filled with custard. The Pokemon taiyaki sells for 191 yen or $1.65 US Dollars. Magikarp taiyaka that is filled with anko (sweet red-bean paste) has been on-sale since December 23, 2016. … Continue reading Magikarp Taiyaki Cakes in Japan!

Plum Blossom Season in Japan!

Everyone is familiar with the Japan’s Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Season in late-March to Mid-April, but there is another beautiful flower in Japan: the Plum Blossom. For those not familiar with Plum Blossoms, they can easily be mistaken for Sakura. Plum Blossom season has arrived to Tokyo, as hotter temperatures has caused them to bloom slightly earlier than usual. Plum Blossom season will run until early … Continue reading Plum Blossom Season in Japan!

Kisenosato Chanko Ramen Special!

Everyone in Japan is still celebrating the promotion of Kisenosato to Yokozuna, which makes him the first Japan-born Yokozuna in 19 years. And now, products from Ibaraki prefecture (his birthplace) are selling-out fast, including this awesomely delicious item: Special Kisenosato Chanko Ramen! The cup noodles, made by Sanyo Food, have a smiling Kisenosato on the top cover, inviting everyone to get a bowl of yummy … Continue reading Kisenosato Chanko Ramen Special!

Tokyu Hands and Sword Art Online Collaboration!

Sword Art Online is continuing its collaborations by joining Tokyu Hands in a special event everyone can enjoy. From January 28th to March 5th, 2017, cardboard cutouts of SAO characters wearing Tokyu Hands uniforms will be placed at the Shibuya, Sapporo, and Sendai Tokyu Hands stores. The cutouts will be perfect for selfies and other fun pics.But that’s not all. The Shibuya store will also … Continue reading Tokyu Hands and Sword Art Online Collaboration!