Dragon Ball Food Fair And Stamp Rally!

Fans of Dragon Ball have another event to celebrate, as the East Japan Railway Company is having a special Dragon Ball event until February 27, 2017.


The event includes a Stamp Rally and food fair, which will bring artwork, food, and stamp locations around the 63 JR stations and 2 Tokyo Monorail stations. Collecting stamps will give you the chance to win prizes, including special cards from Bandai.

And of course, the special event includes special Dragon Ball-inspired dishes:

Genki Dama Ramen for 1,580 yen ($13.72 US Dollars)

Karin’s Bozed Senzu Beans

Dragon Ball Macaroons

Also, you will receive special gifts by buying these dishes, including stickers and notebooks.

Don’t forget to join the Dragon Ball festivities!



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