Shibuya LOFT “Iro Iro Mask” Event!

LOFT, a Japanese chain store specialized in stationery goods, fashionable household items, and everyday commodities, will have their “Iro Iro Mask” event from January 8th to January 25th at their Shibuya LOFT location. The purpose of the event is to embrace the fact that face masks have become even more commonplace in Japan–and considering that a lot of Japanese people already wore face masks before … Continue reading Shibuya LOFT “Iro Iro Mask” Event!

Japanese Twitter User Finds New Way To Wear Face Masks!

Most folks visiting Japan will quickly notice that Japanese people have a thing for wearing face masks. Wearing face masks is seen as having good manners, since it helps prevent any cold/cough you may have from spreading to the millions of people around you. But nowadays they can also be trendy, since you can find masks with many cute and cool designs. But wearing a … Continue reading Japanese Twitter User Finds New Way To Wear Face Masks!

Harajuku Colored Contacts

It’s no secret that Japan has been one of the biggest trendsetters on “cool” fashion. And one of the main locations for cool, innovative, strange, and fun fashion is Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. We can have an entire website dedicated to Harajuku (and I’m sure there is one out there), but today we will talk about one of the cool trends that are happening right … Continue reading Harajuku Colored Contacts