Japanese Twitter User Finds New Way To Wear Face Masks!


Most folks visiting Japan will quickly notice that Japanese people have a thing for wearing face masks. Wearing face masks is seen as having good manners, since it helps prevent any cold/cough you may have from spreading to the millions of people around you. But nowadays they can also be trendy, since you can find masks with many cute and cool designs.

But wearing a face mask so often does have some negative effects, such as increased pain behind your ears due to the strain the band places in that area. And that’s where the internet comes to the rescue again!

mask 2.jpg

Japanese Twitter user, @r_commune, introduced a very simple solution, which only requires a paper clip. As the picture shows, you just loop the band through the paper clip. This allows the stress of the band to land on the clip, and not your ears. It looks like this:

mask 3.jpg

What do you think of this simple life-hack?


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