Nisekoi 216

And now we are back! So in another twist, we learn that Raku’s mother was the person who wrote the picture book everyone has read. It is interesting that we are finally beginning to learn more about the book, and Raku’s mother. It seems that Hana-san, Raku’s mom, Kosaki’s mom, and Marika’s mom were all friends too! Um, ok. Chitoge is surprised at this news, … Continue reading Nisekoi 216

Nisekoi 213

In the last chapter, we were left with a cliffhanger, and now we will find out what Raku mean about the last time he saw Chitoge at school. We start with Tsugumi shouting that Chitoge has disappeared! Then Yui reveals that before Chitoge disappeared she left a letter of absence. So this means that the disappearance was planned. But then where is Chitoge? Raku decides … Continue reading Nisekoi 213

Nisekoi 212

And we’re back with another chapter of Nisekoi, so let’s get into it. Last week, Chitoge overheard Kosaki tell Raku that she loved him. Of course, Raku was unconscious, but this is Nisekoi after all, haha. Kosaki is surprised when she sees Chitoge standing there, and quickly asks if Chitoge overheard her. Chitoge denies it all. So it seems that only Kosaki saw the magical … Continue reading Nisekoi 212

Nisekoi 211

This week’s manga comes with the voting for the most popular characters in Nisekoi. And the winner is….Chitgoe Kirisaki with 4,443 votes! In a close second place is Kosaki Onodera with 4,337 votes. And rounding off the top three is Seishirou Tsugumi, one of my personal favorites. But where is Raku Ichijou?? Well, he is in 11th place! Not very good, but I’m sure many … Continue reading Nisekoi 211


Another one of my favorite manga right now is actually a romantic-comedy or rom-com by the name of Nisekoi. What’s it about? Nisekoi  (ニセコイ or “Fake Love”) is a manga series written by Naoshi Komi. It began on November 7, 2011 and new issues are released each week.  Nisekoi’s main protagonist is Raku Ichijo. A high school student that appears to be a normal kid….well, … Continue reading Nisekoi