Nisekoi 209

When we last saw Shu Maiko and Ruri Miyamoto, they were helping a lost American child named Rosa look for her parents. Ruri was also troubled with trying to understand why she keeps thinking about Shu. And we were left with Ruri wondering why Shu confides in her so much.

Ruri question

Shu tells Ruri that he believes that they are alike, which surprises Ruri. She has always been annoyed by him, but begins to realize that this may be because she does not like herself. Of course, like most children, Rosa quickly tells Ruri that she and Maiko remind her of her parents–which catches Ruri off-guard.

Rosa says like mommy and daddy

And Shu, as usual, keeps joking around about some beautiful girls he sees, and says “there’s no telling when I might meet my dream girl”. Ruri does not take this well. And she begins questioning Shu’s feelings about Ms. Kyoko! Everyone knows Ms. Kyoko was the one person that Shu had deep feelings for. I mean, Ruri is just ruthless.

Ruri Kyoko

Shu is stunned.

Shu surprised

But Ruri does not stop there. No, questioning Shu’s sincerity wasn’t enough for her. She actually tells him that she does not want to be around someone like him!


Really!? This guy has been nothing but nice to Ruri, but instead of acknowledging her feelings she decides to offend him. Shu is seriously hurt. So he apologizes and leaves. It is a very cold moment.

Bye Shu

Rosa witnesses everything, and just can’t understand why Ruri would hurt someone she loved. Love!? Ruri still doesn’t understand. Why would Rosa think that she loves Shu? Children are very perceptive, so Rosa quickly tells her why.


Ruri can’t believe it, and starts to think about all of the times she thought about Shu. The problem is that Rosa sees her parents at this exact moment, and runs into the street! Ruri and Rosa’s parents can’t do anything, and are frozen with shock.


You see the car about to hit Rosa, and your heart just drops. Will Rosa get hit by the car? Will she…die? The car screeches, the smoke clears, and you expect the worse.

Shu saves

But what’s this!!?? It’s Shu to the rescue!


Ruri is left stunned at Shu’s courageous action and big heart. In the end, after all of the cruel words she said to Shu, Ruri FINALLY admits to herself that she has fallen for Shu. It’s a happy ending.

Between you and me, I saw this coming a long time ago. It seemed that the only person that was always annoyed by Shu was Ruri. This wasn’t a coincidence. Ruri obviously had feelings for Shu, but didn’t want to admit them. So instead, she acts mean to Shu. This is the oldest game in the book. I’m sure that you remember when you were young, and that boy/girl was always pushing or bumping you because she liked you. I know I remember that, haha.

Tune in next week to see who else will admit that they love someone, maybe it will be Raku?

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