Harajuku Colored Contacts

It’s no secret that Japan has been one of the biggest trendsetters on “cool” fashion. And one of the main locations for cool, innovative, strange, and fun fashion is Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. We can have an entire website dedicated to Harajuku (and I’m sure there is one out there), but today we will talk about one of the cool trends that are happening right … Continue reading Harajuku Colored Contacts

BABY METAL is in Super Mario Maker!

Nintendo has announced that they have teamed-up with BABY METAL to bring them into Super Mario Maker. Wow! Video games and BABY METAL, what else do you need right? A Super Mario Maker costume and Event Course inspired by Baby Metal has already launched, so you can actually start adding BABY METAL into your game! Here is how it works. There is a new Mystery … Continue reading BABY METAL is in Super Mario Maker!

Tsukiji Market Festival!!!

For those that haven’t had the privilege to visit Tsukiji Market, it is the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, and is located right in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. It is also world-famous for having the largest tuna auction in the world, with most of the best sushi restaurants buying their tuna here. The market is currently located near Tsukijishijo Station … Continue reading Tsukiji Market Festival!!!

Dragon Ball Super 40

In this episode of Dragon Ball Super, we resume with the match of Goku vs Hit, in an epic all-out battle. Goku has unleashed his secret technique of combining Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-ken in order to counter Hit’s time-leap technique. The fight continues to be even-matched although Hit’s skills and fighting capabilities keep improving as the match progresses. Goku’s new technique seems to be … Continue reading Dragon Ball Super 40

Nisekoi 213

In the last chapter, we were left with a cliffhanger, and now we will find out what Raku mean about the last time he saw Chitoge at school. We start with Tsugumi shouting that Chitoge has disappeared! Then Yui reveals that before Chitoge disappeared she left a letter of absence. So this means that the disappearance was planned. But then where is Chitoge? Raku decides … Continue reading Nisekoi 213

Bleach 671

Hello everyone! Thanks again for visiting JapanSauce, where we review all of your favorite manga. So Bleach has been consistently providing exciting new chapters over the last few weeks, and this week is no different. So let’s get going! Last week we saw what we learned is Captain Hitsugaya’s fully-mature bankai, which causes him to mature a lot. Hold-on to your seats ladies, because here … Continue reading Bleach 671

Nisekoi 212

And we’re back with another chapter of Nisekoi, so let’s get into it. Last week, Chitoge overheard Kosaki tell Raku that she loved him. Of course, Raku was unconscious, but this is Nisekoi after all, haha. Kosaki is surprised when she sees Chitoge standing there, and quickly asks if Chitoge overheard her. Chitoge denies it all. So it seems that only Kosaki saw the magical … Continue reading Nisekoi 212