Harajuku Colored Contacts

It’s no secret that Japan has been one of the biggest trendsetters on “cool” fashion. And one of the main locations for cool, innovative, strange, and fun fashion is Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan.


We can have an entire website dedicated to Harajuku (and I’m sure there is one out there), but today we will talk about one of the cool trends that are happening right now in Harajuku: Colored Contacts or “Karakon”.


Colored contacts are used by some of the most popular Harajuku fashion icons, so it is an easy way for anyone to add a little more “cool” and “fun” to their outfit. It allows them to change the color and size of their irises (the colored part of your eye).


Want to look more like your favorite anime character? Try some colored contacts.


Want to express your feelings or make a statement to the world? Colored contacts can help.


Or, just want to look more “kawaii” (cute)? Then you know what to do.


The point is that many people travel to Harajuku and fall in love with all of the edgy, new fashion, but don’t have daily access to all of the great Harajuku clothing shops and retailers. Plus, it can get expensive. But colored contacts come in all different price ranges, and can be ordered online from any part of the world. So it really is a quick and simple way to incorporate some cool Harajuku fashion into your everyday life.

So get out there and express yourself, be  more Kawaii, and make Harajuku fashion a part of your life!

—JapanSauce.Net Team


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