BABY METAL is in Super Mario Maker!

Nintendo has announced that they have teamed-up with BABY METAL to bring them into Super Mario Maker. Wow! Video games and BABY METAL, what else do you need right?


A Super Mario Maker costume and Event Course inspired by Baby Metal has already launched, so you can actually start adding BABY METAL into your game!

Here is how it works. There is a new Mystery Mushroom costume, which will transform Mario into the Rock and Roll trio—Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal. So you grab the mushroom and get ready to rock, because it comes with sound effects too. Here is a short video that shows the awesomeness!

Here is BABY METAL speaking about this great collaboration. FYI, it is in Japanese, but at least it gives you a chance to practice right?

Finally, this is “KARATE”, the latest single from BABY METAL’s newest album METAL RESISTANCE. This is what the Super Mario Maker BABY METAL characters are shouting:

So it seems like Nintendo is keeping is cool and hip, and I am excited to play with this cool new Super Mario Maker addition.

Also, here is a link to BABY METAL’s World Tour Schedule, so maybe you can see them in person!

As always, thanks for stopping-by JapanSauce.Net and we will see you next time!



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