Nisekoi 214

So the last time we saw Raku, he had just been asked by Kosaki to skip the closing ceremony. And so, both of them act as if they need to go to the bathroom.


Really? How hard is it to just say you need some time to yourself, I guess needing to go to the bathroom just sounds funnier. Shuu and Ruri are both confused, but nobody says anything.

So now Raku and Kosaki are alone, and Raku is very curious about what Kosaki wants to talk about.


OF COURSE. She wants to talk about Chitoge, haha. Even Raku isn’t too surprised. It seems that Kosaki is very worried about Chitoge, and wants to see if Raku can think of anything strange about his last meeting with Chitoge. So Raku thinks about it, and realizes that Chitoge was speaking about Kosaki a lot.


And then Kosaki finally realizes.


Kosaki finally thinks she knows who Chitoge likes, and may also know why she ran away. But before she can think too much about this, Chitoge’s dad calls Raku, and now Raku knows where Chitoge is.


New York. The Big Apple. I’m not sure why this had not crossed anyone’s mind. I mean, where else would an American girl—whose mother lives in America—go when she is running away. But hey, maybe we are all just a lot smarter than Raku and Kosaki (and everyone else in Nisekoi, haha).


Next we see a very hard worker finishing piles of documentation, and shocking everyone else that works in the company. But who is it?


Well, its Chitoge of course! And she is looking very sharp in her new suit and glasses. Though it does make her look a lot older than she is.

So now we learn why Chitoge is in America. She is trying to think things over, and clear her mind. I mean, she did just learn that her two favorite people may be in love with each other.


But more importantly, we get to see Chitoge’s gorgeous mother. WOW. Smart and beautiful, now that’s an amazing combination.

Chitoge’s Mom is happy to be with Chitoge, and is supporting her during this difficult time. But it also seems that Chitoge’s hard work has opened other opportunities in America, leaving her with the ability to either return to Japan or start a new life in America.


But Chitoge still needs time to think things over before deciding. Then her locket key falls out of her blouse, and Chitoge wonders whether Raku might choose her if he knew that she might be the “promise girl” of his childhood.


And while Chitoge is thinking about this, a couple of familiar people walk into the room.


It’s Raku and Kosaki! Haha. Just when Chitoge thought she would have time to think about what she will do, she sees the two people she is running-away from. Now this is definitely going to make her decision a lot more interesting.

So what will Chitoge do? Keep following JapanSauce to find out!



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