10 Fun Facts About Former Yokozuna Kisenosato!

Hey everyone, Today I’m bringing you another video I’ve been working on, but this time it is about my favorite Japanese sport – SUMO! In particular, I made a short video about Former Yokozuna Kisenosato. Kisenosato was not a Yokozuna for a very long time, but he was very popular nonetheless. So in honor of Kisenosato, checkout these 10 Fun Facts! I hope you like … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About Former Yokozuna Kisenosato!

How They Make Japanese Sumo Rings!

Sumo is the national sport of Japan, and it is clothed with so much tradition and beauty. If you have ever seen Sumo on TV, or are one of the lucky people to see it live, then you are familiar with the Dohyo or “Sumo ring”. It is where all of the Sumo matches during the 15-day tournaments occur, and it is the hallowed ground … Continue reading How They Make Japanese Sumo Rings!

Yokozuna Kisenosato Retires!

The Sumo world is sad today, as Yokozuna Kisenosato has officially announced his retirement from Sumo. After his third loss of the New Year Grand SUmo Tournament in Tokyo, Japan, Kisenosato had little choice but to accept that his time at the pinnacle of Sumo was over. Unfortunately, many Sumo fans saw this day coming, as he had previously withdrawn from the Kyushu Grand Tournament … Continue reading Yokozuna Kisenosato Retires!

AbemaTV To Stream Grand Sumo Tournament Live and FREE!

Sumo lovers rejoice! The free internet TV station, AbemaTV, has made the surprise announcement that they will broadcast all 6 Sumo Grand Tournaments for free! Until now, the only place for people to see a broadcast of the Sumo tournaments was on NHK, but for people overseas it was very hard to watch. Not anymore! You can watch AbemaTV from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. … Continue reading AbemaTV To Stream Grand Sumo Tournament Live and FREE!

Takayasu Promoted to Ozeki!

Today, sekiwake Takayasu was promoted to Ozeki–the second-highest rank in Sumo. At 27 years old, this is a great acheivment. Takayasu (Akira Takayasu) is very popular in Japan, as he is half-Japanese (father is from Japan) and half-Filipino (mother is from Phillippines). The Japan Sumo Association on Wednesday officially promoted sekiwake Takayasu to the second-highest rank of ozeki. After his ceremony to be initiated as … Continue reading Takayasu Promoted to Ozeki!

Kisenosato Promoted to Yokozuna!

After a wait of 19 years, Japan has its next Japan-born Yokozuna…Yokozuna Kisenosato! Yokozuna Kisenosato was promoted today at an official ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, making him the only active Japan-born Yokozuna, as all the other Yokozuna are Mongolian. Kisenosato secured his promotion by winning the New Year’s Grand Sumo Tournament with a record of 14-1–defeating Yokozuna Hakuho on the final day. After the ceremony, … Continue reading Kisenosato Promoted to Yokozuna!

Grand Sumo Battle Mobile Game!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Co., Ltd., in collaboration with HINATA Corporation are planning the release of a new mobile app: “Grand Sumo Battle!” The app has been officially approved by the Japan Sumo Association, and pre-registration has already begun. The app is set to go live later this year, so don’t miss out! You can pre-register here: Pre-Registration Here is the main concept art, which includes some … Continue reading Grand Sumo Battle Mobile Game!

Kisenosato Wins Emperor Cup!

Fans of Sumo will be happy to hear that Ozeki Kisenosato as finally won his first Emperor’s Cup! Yes, after coming very close several times last year, Kisenosato clinched the New Year grand Sumo Tournament one day before by defeating maegashira No. 13 Ichinojo, but added the icing to the cake by defeating Yokozuna Hakuho on the final day. But the good news does not … Continue reading Kisenosato Wins Emperor Cup!

Yokozuna Hakuho Finishes Perfect

Yokozuna Hakuho clinched his 37th Emperor’s Cup yesterday, but would not be satisfied without finishing in perfect fashion. And he did, defeating fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu (11-4) and achieving a perfect 15-0 record. This was his record-extending 12th title without a loss. The fight against Kakuryu was anything but easy, as every Yokozuna fights with all of his heart. At the jump-off, both Yokozuna met each … Continue reading Yokozuna Hakuho Finishes Perfect

Yokozuna Hakuho Seals 37th Emperor’s Cup

Yokozuna Hakuho (14-0) has done it again. One day before the end of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, Japan, Hakuho has sealed his 37th career championship title. Yokozuna Hakuho has been the most dominant sumo wrestler of all time, and he is not slowing down at all. Yokozuna Hakuho faced Yokozuna Harumafuji (10-4), who in the last tournament fell for the dreaded “henka” … Continue reading Yokozuna Hakuho Seals 37th Emperor’s Cup