Kisenosato Wins Emperor Cup!

Fans of Sumo will be happy to hear that Ozeki Kisenosato as finally won his first Emperor’s Cup!


Yes, after coming very close several times last year, Kisenosato clinched the New Year grand Sumo Tournament one day before by defeating maegashira No. 13 Ichinojo, but added the icing to the cake by defeating Yokozuna Hakuho on the final day.



But the good news does not end for Kisenosato, as the Yokozuna Deliberation Council–an advisory panel to the Japan Sumo Association on yokozuna promotion–will meet on Monday to discuss the potential promotion of Kisenosato to Yokouzuna!

That’s right after coming-in with the second-best record in 12 tournaments, it looks like Kisenosato will finally receive the recognition he deserves, as his promotion to Yokozuna is all but decided. Sumo elder Nishonoseki–director of the association’s judges division, said all members of his division agreed that Kisenosato should be promoted to Yokozuna.

Japan as a whole is elated, as Kisenosato’s (from Ibaraki prefecture) promotion would mean that Japan will have its first Japanese-born Yokozuna since Wakanohana III was promoted in 1998. That’s a wait of almost two decades!

I’m a huge fan of Sumo, so I am happy to see that Ozeki Kisenosato will likely be promoted, and it will finally bring back a Japanese-born sumo wrestler to his rightful place as Yokozuna.

See you next time!



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