Akebono Gokubuto and Tornado Chopsticks Review!

Another great item we picked-up at Ramen Expo USA 2017 were Akebono Corporation’s Gokubuto (thick) and Tornado chopsticks. Both chopsticks were amazing! I consider myself an average chopstick user, but with these I felt like I was an expert. We eat quite a bit of Japanese food, and regularly use chop sticks, but the Gokubuto and Tornado chopsticks shine brightest when eating ramen–or any other … Continue reading Akebono Gokubuto and Tornado Chopsticks Review!

Yamachan Ramen-Miso Ramen Review!

As most of our readers know, we picked-up plenty of ramen samples during our visit to Ramen Expo USA 2017. Today, we will be looking at Yamachan Ramen! Yamachan Ramen is a family-owned company out of San Jose, California, and are the only Japanese raw noodle manufacturer operating under Japanese management in Northern California. We decided to make Miso Ramen today, so we used Yamachan … Continue reading Yamachan Ramen-Miso Ramen Review!

“Fantasia” Music Festival In Japan!

A new music festival is coming to Japan—“Fantasia”! It will celebrate Japanese beauty through music, fashion and media art. It will be held at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture on November 18, 2017. Checkout this video about “Fantasia”: The full title is “Fantasia–Episode 1 Princess Kaguya”, which will be based on the Japanese tale “Taketori Monogatari” or “The Tale of the Bamboo cutter.” There will … Continue reading “Fantasia” Music Festival In Japan!

How To Make Super Simple, Easy Ramen At Home!

After attending Ramen Expo USA 2017, we wanted to try and make some ramen at home. Of course, we aren’t ramen chefs, so we decided to make some Super Simple, Easy Ramen. And you can too! Checkout our video here: Here is a list of everything you will need to make your own super simple, easy ramen at home: Ramen noodles (we used Nishiyama Seimen … Continue reading How To Make Super Simple, Easy Ramen At Home!