Yamachan Ramen-Miso Ramen Review!

Yamachan ramen

As most of our readers know, we picked-up plenty of ramen samples during our visit to Ramen Expo USA 2017. Today, we will be looking at Yamachan Ramen!

Yamachan Ramen is a family-owned company out of San Jose, California, and are the only Japanese raw noodle manufacturer operating under Japanese management in Northern California.

Yamachan ramen

We decided to make Miso Ramen today, so we used Yamachan Ramen’s “medium wave” noodles. These cook in about 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Yamachan miso

We also used Yamachan Ramen’s “Ramen Soup Base Miso”. All you need to do is add hot water and mix, and you will have some great miso broth.

Complete miso bowl

This  was the end result–a nice bowl of Miso Ramen with sweet corn, beef, and spinach.

curly sticks

Yamachan Ramen’s Miso Ramen was very delicious. The broth was light, but had a full miso taste that matched well with the wavy noodles. And those waves were great for absorbing all of the great miso broth.

The noodles were nice and chewy, providing great texture for the ramen. Each bite was enjoyable. We were also surprised by he volume of noodles. Generally, most other ramen noodle packs provide enough noodles for one person. But it seemed as if the Yamachan noodles magically multiplied in the boiling water, because one noodle pack could easily serve two people. This was a great surprise, because it meant we ate a lot more ramen, haha.

Even though we ate all of the ramen in our bowls–and it was a lot!–our bodies did not feel heavy or too full. We simply felt very satisfied. This is great! I could easily see myself eating this for lunch or dinner.

We were happy with Yamachan Ramen’s noodles and miso, and are excited to try more of there ramen products. If you want to try some of their products, check them out at : Yamachan Ramen


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