Ranking Of Top Selling Manga!

The latest ranking of the top-selling manga of all-time really show how much people all over the world love manga. And here is the list: 1. One Piece It has sold over 360,000,000 copies! I think he might really become the Pirate King. 2. Detective Conan It sold  200,000,000. There are a lot of detectives out there. 3. Naruto It sold 135,000,000. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading Ranking Of Top Selling Manga!

Japan’s “88 Anime Pilgrimage” Guidebook Released!

As some of you may know, last year the Anime Tourism Association in Japan released a list of the top 88 anime pilgrimage sites for 2018. The goal was to allow die-hard anime otaku fans all-around the world to visit the sites from their favorite anime, while increasing tourism in Japan. Well, the Anime Tourism Association has just released its official walking guide book, which … Continue reading Japan’s “88 Anime Pilgrimage” Guidebook Released!

Ghibli Museum Reaches 10 Millionth Visitor!

If you are a fan of anime, then you’ve probably heard of Studio Ghibli. This is the studio that brought you such great movies like Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away. Well, Studio Ghibli’s Museum—located in InoKashira Park in Mitaka, west of Tokyo—has now celebrated its 10 Millionth Visitor! (photo courtesy of Asahi Shimbun) The lucky visitors were the family of Akio Nagata, … Continue reading Ghibli Museum Reaches 10 Millionth Visitor!

Nisekoi 216

And now we are back! So in another twist, we learn that Raku’s mother was the person who wrote the picture book everyone has read. It is interesting that we are finally beginning to learn more about the book, and Raku’s mother. It seems that Hana-san, Raku’s mom, Kosaki’s mom, and Marika’s mom were all friends too! Um, ok. Chitoge is surprised at this news, … Continue reading Nisekoi 216