Japan’s “88 Anime Pilgrimage” Guidebook Released!


As some of you may know, last year the Anime Tourism Association in Japan released a list of the top 88 anime pilgrimage sites for 2018. The goal was to allow die-hard anime otaku fans all-around the world to visit the sites from their favorite anime, while increasing tourism in Japan.

Well, the Anime Tourism Association has just released its official walking guide book, which summarizes the list of the 88 Anime Pilgrimage sites, so you can always have a hard-copy with you as you travel through Japan. The guide book also comes with an interview with Director Yoshiyuki Tomino of “Mobile Suit Gundam.”

If you want to see which anime made the list, just take a look here:

List 1

List 2

List 3

You can learn more about the 88 Anime Pilgrimage sites here: 88 Anime Pilgrimage

The 88 Anime Pilgrimage Guide Book was just released on March 17, 2018, and sells for 800 yen ($7.54 U.S. Dollars).


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