Top 10 Things To Do In Yoyogi Park!

Another place we talked about in our Cheap Entertainment In Japan! is the famous Yoyogi Park, which has many free things for visitors to do. For everyone looking to travel to this cool area, here are the top 10 things you should do in Yoyogi Park. 1. See Some Street Performers On most days, but especially on the weekends, you can find all types of street performers … Continue reading Top 10 Things To Do In Yoyogi Park!

Muramasa “Demon Swords” – Most Evil Swords In Japanese History!

Hey everyone, Today I’ve got a short video in which you can learn all about Muramasa Sengo and his “Demon Swords”. These swords are believed to be the most blood-thirsty and evil swords in Japanese History! The pictures of the Muramsa blades are real photos. You also get to hear a cool legend about a sword-making battle between Masamune Goro and Muramasa Sengo. Hope you … Continue reading Muramasa “Demon Swords” – Most Evil Swords In Japanese History!

Legend of Kogitsunemaru!

Hey everyone! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year! Today we are going to bring you another legendary tale from Japan. If you recall, we previously made a video talking about the Tenka Goken, the “Five Swords Under Heaven”, which you can find here: Tenka Goken This time, we will tell you the tale of the Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸), another beautiful sword … Continue reading Legend of Kogitsunemaru!

How They Make Japanese Sumo Rings!

Sumo is the national sport of Japan, and it is clothed with so much tradition and beauty. If you have ever seen Sumo on TV, or are one of the lucky people to see it live, then you are familiar with the Dohyo or “Sumo ring”. It is where all of the Sumo matches during the 15-day tournaments occur, and it is the hallowed ground … Continue reading How They Make Japanese Sumo Rings!

How To Make Sweet Homemade Japanese Anko!

Hey everyone, Today we have a special treat for you, because we are going to show you how to make some delicious Japanese Anko (red bean paste)! If you like Japanese snacks, then you have probably eaten anko at some point. Also, you will see many anime and manga characters eating this snack, so now you can join in the fun too! So get ready … Continue reading How To Make Sweet Homemade Japanese Anko!

Umaisushikan In Tsukiji Market!

Hey everyone, Today we have a video of our trip to Umaisushikan in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, Japan. We ate some wonderful sushi sets for an amazingly cheap price. Unfortunately, this restaurant is no longer around, as Tsukiji Market has now moved to its new location. But don’t worry! You can still go to the new Tsukiji Market location in Tokyo, and find some other wonderful … Continue reading Umaisushikan In Tsukiji Market!

Japanese Kendama Chocolate Challenge!

Hey everyone, Today we are going to be playing a traditional Japanese game. But of course, we had to make things a bit more interesting with some competition! The prize? Some delicious Japanese chocolate snacks! Checkout all of the fun that we had, and find out who won! Who do you think will win? And lookout for more videos coming soon! Continue reading Japanese Kendama Chocolate Challenge!

10 Things You Should Know Before Your Trip To Japan!

  If you are reading this, then you are probably getting ready for an amazing trip to Japan. But before you arrive, checkout these 10 things you should know about Japan! Also, don’t forget to checkout our other post about Japanese Manners For Travel To Japan! Bring Cash Though Japan is slowly making changes to payment methods in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan is … Continue reading 10 Things You Should Know Before Your Trip To Japan!