New PIKOTARO Song: Mancha Mancha Po Mancha!

Hello everyone! Guess who is back…PIKOTARO! This morning in Japan, Pikotaro gave the first live performance of his newest song: Mancha Mancha Po Mancha. Checkout the performance here: This song has another catchy tune, and I;m sure it will be stuck inside everyone’s heads very soon! As always, make sure to checkout http://www.JapanSauce.Net for more great news from Japan! –Sal Continue reading New PIKOTARO Song: Mancha Mancha Po Mancha!

Legoland Japan!

Beginning April 1, 2017 visitors to Nagoya, Japan will be able to have fun at the first Legoland in Japan! (Though some preview days have already begun) The park is located in Nagoya’s Minato Ward, and has more than 40 attractions! The total number of bricks to create this awesome world–17 Million bricks! Of course, this Legoland will have mini-cities, including this mini-Tokyo: Can you … Continue reading Legoland Japan!