Naruto Shippuden 458

Finally, after all the painstaking filler episodes we’ve had to endure. It seems that our favorite Orange Ninja is back on the main screen again! We see Team 7 together again like old times. The animation is spot on in this episode with some epic transformations going-on so let’s get into it. This week’s episode encapsulates all that Itachi’s life and legacy was all about … Continue reading Naruto Shippuden 458

Episode 453

In the latest Naruto Shippuden filler episodes, we come to the story of Itachi, and learn how his experiences on the battlefield shaped his mind set and views of the world. In this week’s episode 453: Itachi’s Story – “Light and Darkness: The Pain of Living”, we find Itachi as a genin, going on missions at a very young age. Itachi and his father (Fugaku … Continue reading Episode 453