Real Life Mario Kart in Japan!

Some of you already know that Japan is the mecca for all things anime, manga, cosplay, and maid café. And yes, video games too. But why just play a game when you can jump into one…like Mario Kart! Here is a video of some people Mario Karting: Yes, you can travel around Tokyo in your very own Mario Kart thanks to MariCar, a company that … Continue reading Real Life Mario Kart in Japan!

Dragon Ball Super 45

Hello everyone we are back with more Dragon Ball Super episodes, so let’s jump right in it. In this week’s episode we find Goten and Trunks on the planet Potaufeu , where a magical water is said to increase a person’s power by 100-fold if drunk. This special water was being safeguarded from invaders seeking its power by Potage–planet Potaufeu’s last remaining inhabitant. Gryll ,an … Continue reading Dragon Ball Super 45