Rika-Chan Buses In Tokyo, Japan!

Rika chan

Trains aren’t the only forms of Japanese transportation that get the super-cute treatment, as, beginning on March 17, 2018, Tokyo will have its own buses based on Rika-chan!

Rika-chan is a very famous dress-up doll in Japan, and many Japanese kids grew up playing with this doll. Just think of it as the Japanese “Barbie”. And now, two Keisei buses–traveling between Kameari Station and Shinkoiwa Station, Tohoku Square–are wrapped in all of the pink cuteness of Rika-chan. I’m sure you won’t be able to miss these pink monsters driving down the street.

The bus designs will depict Rika-chan visiting various locations and doing several fun things. And this whole mash-up wouldn’t be complete without your very-own miniature Rika-chan bus, which will go on sale in July 2018.


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