Nisekoi 216

And now we are back! So in another twist, we learn that Raku’s mother was the person who wrote the picture book everyone has read. It is interesting that we are finally beginning to learn more about the book, and Raku’s mother.


It seems that Hana-san, Raku’s mom, Kosaki’s mom, and Marika’s mom were all friends too! Um, ok.


Chitoge is surprised at this news, but quickly remembers that Raku said he met the girl while she was reading the picture book. She thinks that this means that she may be the “girl”.


But she is still unsure, and decides that she will go and meet Raku’s mom.


We next see Raku and Onodera chatting about their inability to bring Chitoge back with them. But Onodera is really thinking about the fact that Chitoge likes Raku. She desperately hopes that she can talk to Chitoge and make everything right.

Then, Onodera has a sudden rush of emotion with the thought that Chitoge may never come back. She grabs Raku’s hands and tells him that she will not leave. That she will always be with Raku.



And for a brief moment, we think that Onodera will finally say something. But she doesn’t. And Raku, as usual, doesn’t truly understand what happened. Seriously, I think this guy needs to have a brain scan, haha.

Next, we see Chitoge has arrived to meet Raku’s mom.


No one has seen Raku’s mom before, so I was very excited about finally seeing her face. But Naoshi sensei has did a great job of not showing her face. Darn! Haha.


Raku’s mom admits that she wrote the picture book, and told that it was based on Romeo and Juliet. However, Raku’s mom rewrote the ending by saying that both people are happy in heaven. Apparently, Raku was not happy with this ending, and so he rewrote the ending too. Of course, Raku’s ending was happy.


Raku’s rewrite inspired his mom to write stories with happy endings, which has made her a very popular writer.

Chitoge next asks about the picture book’s title “Zawsze in Love”. Raku’s mom is a bit embarrassed, as the title is based on a mistake.

She explains that the lock and keys in the book are based on the Tumski Bridge in Poland, known as the “Lovers Bridge”. In short, if two lovers write their name on a lock and attached it to the bridge, and throw the key into the river, they will be together for eternity. Raku’s mom liked this story and decided to include it in the book.


So when she tried to translate “eternal  love” to Polish, what came out was “Zawsze in Love”.


Raku’s mom was so embarrassed that she scratched the title off of the book, and was going to throw it away. But this is when Chitoge’s mom asked to have it, and the rest is history.

But then Raku’s mom asks Chitoge whether she would like to return to the place where this entire story began 12 years ago…to the Tenku Plateau.


And so, it seems that Chitoge is slowly getting closer to the truth, and I’m excited to see what happens. This chapter was a great, because we had a chance to meet Raku’s mom—even though we didn’t see her face, haha. Things are getting good, so stop by next time to see what happens next!



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