Nisekoi 217

So now Chitoge is saying goodbye to Raku’s mom, and will begin her journey to the Tenku Plateau. But we learn that Raku’s mom lied, as she did know about the promise Raku made. She just did not want to tell Chitoge.


And then Raku’s mom says something cryptic. That Chitoge must learn the truth…even if it hurts her.


But was it this “truth”? And why will it hurt Chitoge?

We next see Raku and Shuu, and Raku is sad and confused as usual.


Shuu is still sulking about Chitoge, so Shuu decides to try and help Raku with some advice. He tells Raku that if he wants to know which girl to choose, then he should think about whom the first person is that he would like to talk to when something good happens to him.


And then, as if a bolt of lightning struck him, Raku realizes which girl he will choose.


Shuu is surprised that Raku has finally decided who he will choose, but Raku quickly tells him that he will not tell anyone at this time.

And before Raku has much time to think about this person, he receives a call from Chitoge’s mom. She tells him where to find Chitoge.


Raku calls Tsugumi to let her know that they finally found Chitoge—though I’m not sure why he didn’t tell Tsugumi that they found Chitoge in America before. And we see that Tsugumi is in Anartica! Haha, Tsugumi will go the end of the world for Chitoge, and this is why Tsugumi is so cool—get it, Antartica, cool.


Raku leaves to get ready for the trip, and Shuu also calls someone to report the news to. But who is it? It’s Marika! And she has a special request for Youko.


Then we see that Chitoge has already arrived at Tenku Plateau.


It seems that everyone will be meeting at Tenku Plateau, and maybe they will learn more about Raku’s promise when they get there. But we also know that Chitoge may learn a very painful “truth”, and no one is sure what that is.

This Chapter was great. We are getting ready for an important meeting, and we see the return of Tsugumi and Marika. It will be interesting to see how everyone will react when they are all together at the place where this story began. Let’s see what happens together!

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