Ranking Of Top Selling Manga!

one piece team.jpg

The latest ranking of the top-selling manga of all-time really show how much people all over the world love manga. And here is the list:

1. One Piece

It has sold over 360,000,000 copies! I think he might really become the Pirate King.

2. Detective Conan

It sold  200,000,000. There are a lot of detectives out there.

3. Naruto

It sold 135,000,000. I’m pretty sure that some of those might be Naruto’s shadow clones, haha.

4. Slam Dunk

It sold 120,000,000. I’m surprised there are that many basketball fans out there.

5. Hajime No Ippo/ “The First Step”

It sold 94,000,000. These guys were not going down without a fight!

6. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo/ “The Kindaichi Case Files”

It sold 90,000,000. This is another large group of crime solvers trying to figure out how they can beat One Piece.

Tied for 6. Bleach

It also sold 90,000,000.  These Shinigami have taken a break, but they were one of my favorite series.

8. Hunter X Hunter

It sold 72,000,000. I think these fans are busy hunting for some wild animals most of the time, so I don’t blame them for having lower numbers than Naruto and One Piece.

9. Attack on Titan

It sold 71,000,000. Though this series can be somewhat dark, it still has a large following.

10. Full Metal Alchemist

It sold 70,000,000. Though it is bringing up the rear, you can’t hold this brother team down!

The compilers of this ranking noted that there isn’t any Shojo Manga on this list, but maybe that just means that someone in the manga universe has a great opportunity to create one.



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