How To Make Super Simple, Easy Ramen At Home!

After attending Ramen Expo USA 2017, we wanted to try and make some ramen at home. Of course, we aren’t ramen chefs, so we decided to make some Super Simple, Easy Ramen. And you can too! Checkout our video here:

Here is a list of everything you will need to make your own super simple, easy ramen at home:

  1. Ramen noodles (we used Nishiyama Seimen Co.’s ramen noodles)
  2. About 1/2 pound of ground beef
  3. 2 oz. Miso or Tonkotsu paste
  4. 1 oz. of Miso Seasoning Oil (if you have some)
  5. 2 green onions
  6. 2 pots (one to boil noodles and one to boil water for your broth)

Here are the super simple instructions:

Step 1: Boil about half a pot of water

Step 2: Boil a smaller pot of water for your broth

Step 3: Wash the green onions

Step 4: Thinly slice the green onions

Step 5: Brown the ground beef on the stove–add salt to your taste

Step 6: Add the miso paste and miso seasoning oil into a bowl

Step 7: Boil the noodles for about 1.5 minutes

Step 8: Drain the noodles

Step 9: Add the boiling water in the small pot into your bowl of miso and mix

Step 10: Add your noodles to the broth

Step 11: Add the green onions and ground beef


Ramen 1

You can definitely add more toppings like naruto, bean sprouts, or corn if you like.

We hope this short recipe lets you make some ramen at your own home, because it is an easy way to enjoy a taste of Japan in your home.

See you next time!




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