AbemaTV To Stream Grand Sumo Tournament Live and FREE!

Sumo lovers rejoice! The free internet TV station, AbemaTV, has made the surprise announcement that they will broadcast all 6 Sumo Grand Tournaments for free!

Free sumo

Until now, the only place for people to see a broadcast of the Sumo tournaments was on NHK, but for people overseas it was very hard to watch. Not anymore! You can watch AbemaTV from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Live broadcast of the January Sumo Grand Tournament begins January 14, 2018, and here is the link to the AbemaTV Sumo Wrestling Live Broadcast: Live Sumo Tournament

For those that keep-up with Sumo news, this will also be the first tournament since Yokozuna Harumafuji was forced to retire.

So grab some onigiri, your favorite Pocky, and watch some Sumo!



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