Up-Up Girls Idol Wrestling Debut in Tokyo!

If you love Japanese Idols and J-Pop, but feel like there isn’t enough spandex and wrestling, then Up-Up Girls Wrestling is here for you!


Up-Up Girls wrestling is both an idol group and a pro-wrestling group, and performs in the Tokyo Budokan. They made their official debut on January 4, 2018, represented by members Miu, Hinano, Hikari, and Raku.

Idol pro wrestling

The idols/wrestlers had a 20-minute battle: Miu and Hinano vs. Hikari and Raku. Miu won the first battle by performing a “back breaker” on Hikari.

Idol pro wrestling 4

This seems like some action-packed fun…with a lot of J-Pop and idols too! So if you are in Tokyo, check them out!

You might also want to read about AKB48 Pro Wrestling, because they have that too! Checkout the article we wrote about them here: AKB48 Pro-Wrestling!

See you next time!



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