Yokozuna Hakuho Finishes Perfect

Title win

Yokozuna Hakuho clinched his 37th Emperor’s Cup yesterday, but would not be satisfied without finishing in perfect fashion. And he did, defeating fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu (11-4) and achieving a perfect 15-0 record. This was his record-extending 12th title without a loss.

The fight against Kakuryu was anything but easy, as every Yokozuna fights with all of his heart. At the jump-off, both Yokozuna met each other in the center of the ring, and appeared to be in a stalemate. But then, Kakuryu charged with all of his might, pushing Hakuho to the edge of the ring. Hakuho appeared destined to lose, but he somehow managed to pick-up Kakuryu and spun him out of the ring. In dramatic fashion, Yokozuna Hakuho had won.


As for Ozeki Kisenosato, he bounced back from his defeat yesterday, defeating Yokozuna Harumafuji (10-5) to finish with a record of 13-2. This means that Kisenosato will continue his hopes for promotion to Yokozuna at the next tournament in Nagoya in July. For an ozeki to be promoted to Yokozuna, he must win two consecutive tournaments or achieve equally impressive results.

As for other highlights, No. 8 maegashira Mitakeumi (11-4) won the Fighting Spirit Prize by defeating No. 13 maegashira Daishomaru (9-6). This was the first time he won this prize. Also, the Technique Prize was awarded to No. 4 maegashira Tochinoshin (10-5).

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