Grand Sumo Battle Mobile Game!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Co., Ltd., in collaboration with HINATA Corporation are planning the release of a new mobile app: “Grand Sumo Battle!”


The app has been officially approved by the Japan Sumo Association, and pre-registration has already begun. The app is set to go live later this year, so don’t miss out!

You can pre-register here: Pre-Registration

Here is the main concept art, which includes some very notable Sumo wrestlers: Yokozuna Hakuho, Yokozuna Haramafuji, and Yokozuna Kakuryu. Maybe we will see Kisenosato very soon too…haha.


Players will become the masters and will grow their wrestlers into champions. All of the sumo wrestlers will appear as 3-D characters, and it actually looks like a lot of fun.


When pre-registrants exceed 10,000, the game will officially begin and everyone will receive a “10” prize to begin scouting. The app will be avilable for iOS and on Google Play. Here is their official website: Grand Sumo Battle

Looks like I have a new game to play!



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