Bleach 670

So here we are once again. Let’s get into this!

Captain Zaraki has just sliced Valkyrie in two! Proving that his new bankai has immense power.


After this awesome show of power, Captain Zaraki stands in the blood of his deed. Like a warrior.


And suddenly Captain Zaraki lets out a primal yell, as if something was happening. But what?


Then we see that Valkyrie is somehow coming back together! These sternritter always have a wildcard.


And of course, since Valkyrie’s power allows him to grow stronger when he is near the edge of death, a new even more powerful Valkyrie emerges.


Captain Zaraki remains ready and begins to swing his new cleaver at Valkyrie.


But there is a problem! All of this new power is too much for Captain Zaraki’s current body. So his arm is suddenly ripped in two!


Valkyrie wastes no time in taking advantage of this issue, and slices Captain Zaraki. It is crazy how the tables have suddenly turned.


Captain Hitsugaya is still trying to fight-on, but his last bankai petal is falling. This means that his bankai is gone…right? NO! in a shocking twist, it turns out that this Shinigami prodigy’s bankai actually becomes complete when the last petal falls.


And what emerges is….Captain Hitsugaya?

No 11

And another chapter ends with a never-before seen bankai. The fully mature bankai of Captain Hitsugaya, somehow causes him to age significantly. I’m sure the ladies are happy with this turn of events, but I’m curious to see what new powers he has now.

Tune in next time to find out with JapanSauce!



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