Nisekoi 212

And we’re back with another chapter of Nisekoi, so let’s get into it.

Last week, Chitoge overheard Kosaki tell Raku that she loved him. Of course, Raku was unconscious, but this is Nisekoi after all, haha.


Kosaki is surprised when she sees Chitoge standing there, and quickly asks if Chitoge overheard her. Chitoge denies it all.


So it seems that only Kosaki saw the magical meteor shower, and now Chitoge is left stunned. What will she do now?

The next day, it seems Raku is doing better, but Chitoge is still very confused about what to do. She even thinks about giving up on Raku.


But she quickly changes her mind, because she loves Raku too much.


So once again, Chitoge “decides” that she needs to confess to Raku. But didn’t she already “decide” that about 100 times by now? Sorry, let’s get back to the chapter.


Then, as Chitoge is walking and thinking about what to do, she overhears Raku speaking with Shuu. And then she overhears a bombshell…


She hears Shuu say that Raku passed-out in front of his love, which means that he loves Kosaki!


Chitoge is shocked and upset, and begins running away as fast as she can.


But Chitoge didn’t hear everything, since we all know that Raku still has not figured-out who he will confess to.


Chitoge eventually reaches her home, and is just laying confused on her bed.


The next day, Chitoge asks Raku to walk home with her, which Raku is surprised about.


And as they are walking, Chitoge suddenly asks Raku how he feels about Kosaki!


Then, Chitoge starts complimenting Kosaki a lot! Of course, Raku is confused.

And then, Chitoge says bye and walks away. All seemed somewhat normal, but then Raku says it was the last time she showed-up at school.


So where is Chitoge? What happened? I guess you will have to wait to see the next chapter.

Thanks again for visiting JapanSauce, and we will see you soon!



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