Bleach 671

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So Bleach has been consistently providing exciting new chapters over the last few weeks, and this week is no different. So let’s get going!

Last week we saw what we learned is Captain Hitsugaya’s fully-mature bankai, which causes him to mature a lot. Hold-on to your seats ladies, because here it is.

No 1

I’ll wait for all the screams and hollering to die down, haha. And though the ladies may like his new look, Captain Hitsugaya is not a fan.


Valkyrie is, again, not impressed, and is ready to keep fighting.


Valkyrie throws his shield at Captain Hitsugaya, but it is easily frozen.


Valkyrie follows-up his initial attack with his sword, which Captain Hitsugaya also slices in half.


But wait! Doesn’t damage to Valkyrie’s sword hurt the person that cuts it? I mean, that is exactly what happened to Captain Zaraki, right? Well, one of Captain Hitsugaya’s new powers causes all of the frozen item’s functions to stop working completely. Now that’s a cool move…no pun intended, haha.


Valkyrie is still not fazed. Does anything scare this guy? He decides to use his Quincy bow to attack with pure power.


But the problem is that he decides to make this move just one second too late…


Captain Hitsugaya completely freezes Valkyrie with Shikai Hyouketsu. The image is amazing.

But Valkyrie is not done yet. By this point, I don’t think anything will stop this guy, haha.


But before Valkyrie can crush Captain Hitsugaya in his hands, he suddenly falls. But how? It’s Captain Zaraki!

no 10

With one hand, Captain Zaraki has stopped the giant Valkyrie. Captain Zaraki never stops! Haha!

Before Valkyrie has a chance to react to Captain Zaraki, he is frozen again. It turns out, you can’t just touch Captain Hitsugaya when he is in his new form without paying some major repercussions. Sorry ladies, haha.

No 11

Don’t stop reading now, because the Captains aren’t done yet. Immediately, Captain Kuchiki launches into his bankai, surrounding Valkyrie with thousands of his bankai “petals.”

No 12

And they all suddenly launch into Valkyrie’s head!

No 13

This is a crazy triple-team attack from the Captains, and something we had not experienced before. Sensei Kubo has stepped-on the gas, and is not letting go.

But is this the end for Valkyrie? From what we’ve seen before, probably not. Haha! So make sure to tune in for the next chapter.

And as always, thanks for visiting JapanSauce.



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