Nisekoi 213

In the last chapter, we were left with a cliffhanger, and now we will find out what Raku mean about the last time he saw Chitoge at school.

We start with Tsugumi shouting that Chitoge has disappeared!


Then Yui reveals that before Chitoge disappeared she left a letter of absence.


So this means that the disappearance was planned. But then where is Chitoge?

Raku decides to check-in at Chitoge’s home for clues. And of course he is bum-rushed by all of the Bee Hive group.


But then Chitoge’s dad appears, and tells Raku that Chitoge is safe.


This sounds like good news, at first.


Just like that, Chitoge’s dad says that Chitoge might not come back. Wow, she must really be hurting.

Everyone kept looking for her, but no one had any luck. So Raku decides to return one more time to Chitoge’s home, in the hopes of finding some clue to her whereabouts.


What he finds is Chitoge’s notebook, where she wrote down all of her thoughts. Not surprisingly, most of the things she had to say about Raku were not very nice. But then, things started to change.


Chitoge actually wrote down that Raku may not actually be a “beansprout.” But that’s not all.


Suddenly, Chitoge was writing so many nice things about Raku, and it is the first time that Raku has realized that Chitoge actually cared for him.

And then she wrote that she was happy that she was in a fake relationship with Raku. And Raku realizes that he felt the same way.


But still, the days went by until the last day of school arrived, and Chitoge could still not be found. Everyone was sad, but Raku was definitely the saddest. And out of nowhere Kosaki asks Raku to skip the closing ceremony.


Well that is weird. Why would Kosaki want to be alone with Raku? Is she taking advantage that Chitoge is gone to finally make her move? Yeah, I doubt it.

Well, stay tuned to JapanSauce, so we can find out what is happening together!



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