Dragon Ball Super 40

In this episode of Dragon Ball Super, we resume with the match of Goku vs Hit, in an epic all-out battle. Goku has unleashed his secret technique of combining Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-ken in order to counter Hit’s time-leap technique. The fight continues to be even-matched although Hit’s skills and fighting capabilities keep improving as the match progresses.


Goku’s new technique seems to be putting a lot of stress and doing damage to his physical body. Though, this won’t stop our warrior from pressing on ahead and risking his body for the chance of fighting with one of the best fighters so far in this tournament.


Champa, in the meantime, has taken notice of the strain on Goku’s  body and orders Hit to lay back until Goku is weak and unable to continue, in order to secure victory. Champa voices that everyone in the tournament are merely pawns in a game between Beerus and him. He will at any time annihilate everyone if he chooses. Goku has acknowledged that all of universe 6 fighters have been great fighters and is lucky to have been able to face Hit, their strongest competitor.


Goku and Hit charge each other with eager determination. Hit uses his now advanced time-leap technique to deliver a series of devastating blows that has Goku stunned and stopping his Kaio-ken technique.


But an instant of  power from within has Goku surging back with his shroud of Kaio-ken, and delivering a head on heavy one-punch attack that has Hit surprised.


The attack has sent Hit careening backwards and crashing into Champa’s wall mural, landing on one knee on the tournament floor.


Goku is now in the same situation as Hit due to the physical blows they’ve endured, but both manage to get on their feet to continue fighting.

At this time Goku voices to Beerus to eliminate all the tournament rules in play in order for Hit to fight at his full strength. Goku has realized that since Hit is an assassin all his power moves would be the ones where he is delivering a lethal attack. Since killing is against the rules Hit has been holding back all this time.

Champa is more than pleased to lift the rules since it will give Hit an advantage, but Beerus argues otherwise since both had already agreed on the first rules set in play. Beerus and Champa’s arguing has hindered the fight, and Goku decides in order to have a real fight against Hit they will have to meet again another time–when there are no rules or restraints to hold them back at fighting with full strength.

Goku has decided to step out of the ring and forfeit the match leaving Hit the winner. Hit is surprised and intrigued by a fighter like Goku who seems to have a free care mind set. Immediately after returning to normal form, Goku’s body seems to react violently to the stress that the Kaio-ken technique has left on his body. Piccolo has to carry Goku out the ring since he’s incapable of moving. Goku mentions that he will not be using Kaio-ken soon in the near future.


With Goku out the only fighter left on universe 7 is Monaka the said strongest fighter they have, although it was already revealed earlier that this is not true. As soon as Monaka enters the arena Hit realizes what’s going on and intentionally loses the match when Monaka throws a weak punch.


Hit throws himself out of bounds as well, like Goku did, leaving team universe 7 the winners.

In the meantime Champa is outraged by Hit’s disobedience and universe 6’s fighters for losing their matches, that he decides to destroy them all and it seems that nobody will stop him. But before this can happen, a mysterious figure has appeared on the arena floor. Beerus and Champa are both shell shocked and can’t believe their eyes, as they voice that The King of Everything is here.


So universe 7 takes the win. With all the great fights in this tournaments so far, I think the Goku vs Hit fight was one of the best. Goku was able to unleash his new Super Saiyan Blue and Kaio-ken combination technique. Hit seemed to be an interesting fighter and a good opponent for Goku to encounter maybe in the future.


 There seems to be more ahead with this new revelation of The King of Everything making an appearance. And previews of the next episode show the massive God of Dragons being summoned, so stay tuned as next week we will continue our coverage of Dragon Ball Super!



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