Episode 35: Vegeta Takes-On Frost and Magetta

Vegeta Frost

This week’s Dragon Ball Super episode starts us off with a huge fight between Vegeta and Frost. With lots of action and huge twists this episode made for an entertaining one indeed.

But before we move on, let’s recap what happened in a controversial episode 34 ending. We learned that Frost is a dirty cheater for using an illegal weapon with his fights between Goku and Piccolo. Frost is disqualified, but Vegeta over throws the ruling for a chance to fight and defeat Frost by himself.

With the advantage of knowing that Frost won’t be able to use his poison needle, like he did with Goku and Piccolo, it makes for an interesting fight. Not to mention, the fact that Vegeta is furious that Frost is nothing more than a dirty fighter.

Vegeta–not one to toy around like Goku–immediately powers up to Super Saiyan form. Though, for some reason, the Saiyans choose not to go full-power into Super Saiyan God forms. Anyway, Vegeta easily takes out Frost with an uppercut, landing Frost outside the ring. Frost has now been eliminated. It’s great to see that Vegeta doesn’t fool around in a fight like the other fighters do.

Its revealed that Goku will be able to continue in the tournament since Frost cheated in their match. Goku and Beerus get into an argument over why Monaka will be the last fighter to fight. It seems to be that Monaka is the strongest of the fighters, and should be saved for last. But Goku, nonetheless, wants to go last.

Monaka may be more-than-meets-the-eye, given his unusually weak appearance. Whis asks if Beerus will finally reveal Monaka’s true identity. This gives a hint that we may have seen Monaka once before.

Vegeta–easily taking Frost out of the tournament–brags of not using his full strength. If our Saiyans ever do get serious, they could simply turn into Super Saiyan Blue form and finish the fights faster. It goes to show how Vegeta does not procrastinate in finishing off his opponents like Goku does at times.

Meanwhile, Champa and Beerus are having an argument over a second barrier created by Vados to make up for the weaker one that was first created. The new set of rules and barriers calls for an opponent to be eliminated if he even touches one of its walls. With the barrier smaller in size the fighter’s movements, especially their flying ability, are limited.

We find Frost in another scene, coming to a crater with treasure and Champa’s time travelling cube. This seems to be the prize given to the universe who wins the tournament. Frost wants to run away with the money but fears the wrath of Champa.

But, before Frost can steal anything, Hit (from Universe 6) intervenes and asks what he thinks he is doing. Hit easily knocks out Frost with one move and it is revealed by Vados that Hit is actually a hitman, given the choice of his name. It seems that Hit wants the cube for himself. This scene shows us just how ruthless Hit is.Hit

Frost lights

Back to the center stage we find out that Vegeta’s next opponent is Magetta–a big robotic looking fighter. The Kais discuss he is not really a robot, but actually a metallic being. This dude can drink lava as if it was water!


The fight starts, and Magetta’s strength is no match for the speed of Vegeta–who manages to give him a few smacks on the head, which causes a loud ringing echo throughout the arena. The blows do not seem to affect Magetta whatsoever

Magetta’s speed and strength are now much faster after the blows, and Vegeta is surprised by this. Gaining the upper-hand by using his lava, Magetta slowly begins to tire out Vegeta’s movements. He is not disqualified for using the lava since it’s a part of him.

The lava nearly catches up to Vegeta due to the much smaller arena and new set of rules in play. The episode ends with Vegeta powering up to Super Saiyan form with the fight set to continue in next week’s episode. Can a tired Vegeta figure out a way to win?

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 was another interesting one. The dirty cheater Frost, was easily taken out by Vegeta with one punch. Some light was shed on Hit, and his reason for being part of the tournament. And Magetta has become a more formidable opponent than Vegeta thought. You should be watching if you haven’t done so already.

Next week Episode 36 continues with the fight between Vegeta and Magetta, so make sure to join us then for another Dragon Ball Super review.



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