Nisekoi 210


This week we move back to the main plot-line of Nisekoi, as Raku dreams about the promise he made as a child—to marry the person who gave him the locket.


Raku is worried that he still has not been able to choose between Chitoge and Onodera, and time is running out. When he arrives at school, it is announced that the class would go stargazing, which sounds ordinary enough. However, as Shuu informs Raku, this is not a normal meteor shower.  It’s said that if you confess to someone during the meteor shower, then your love will blossom.

Love shower

And apparently, Chitoge and Onodera have learned about the special power of this meteor shower too, and have “decided” that they will confess on that day.


Call me a skeptic–or just someone that has read this manga since the beginning–but I am really not convinced that either one of them will confess. I mean, they have both “decided” to confess before, but nothing ever happened. Anyway, back to this week’s issue.

So both Chitoge and Onodera seem determined to confess during the meteor shower.

Going to settle

The next day, Chitoge is so nervous that she arrives 2 hours early!

early CHitoge

This is sort of funny, but it gets funnier when Onodera shows up too.

early Onodera

These girls are always battling each other, even though they don’t even realize it. But of course, things wouldn’t be complete without Raku showing up early too.

early Raku

But he is actually there to feed the animals. Wait, what!? That seems like a REALLY odd thing to do before a meteor shower. Wouldn’t Raku get really dirty and smelly before the stargazing? But back to the story, haha.

Chitoge and Onodera decide to help Raku while they wait, but they are so busy thinking about ways to confess to Raku that they just make a mess of things.

Then it suddenly starts to rain, and soon after they get a warning that a hurricane is suddenly heading their way. And yeah, it looks like the stargazing may be cancelled—what a coincidence.


But that’s not all. With a hurricane getting closer to the school, Raku, Chitoge, and Onodera are now stuck at the school—alone!


So we are left with another cliffhanger. Will Chitoge or Onodera still confess without the meteor shower? Will their time alone give one of them enough courage to tell Raku how they truly feel? Or will Raku FINALLY get the courage to tell them how he feels? Maybe some of these questions will be answered next week, but you will have to stop by to find out.

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