Kisenosato defeats Kotoshogiku


Ozeki Kotoshogiku’s (7-2) dream of becoming a Yokozuna just got a little tougher, as he lost quickly in his match against Ozeki Kisenosato, who improved to 9-0. Kisenosato is getting closer to his first career championship.


Kisenosato took advantage of Kotoshogiku’s usual low charge, and managed to slap him down so fast that Kotoshogiku didn’t even know what happened. This was probably the quickest fight between these two, who have faced each other 59 times—a new record for the makuuchi division.

Tomorrow, Kisenosato will face Yokozuna Kakuryu. Though Kisenosato holds a 29-15 record against Kakuryu, it’s definitely not an easy match.


Yokozuna Hakuho (8-1) had another forceful win against Komusubi Tochiozan (2-7), which left Tochiozan bloody and bruised. Hakuho elbowed Tochiozan’s nose, before sending him soaring out of the ring.

Worse, Hakuho’s actions left 54-year-old sumo elder Izutsu with a broken femur, as Tochiozan landed on top of him after being thrown out of the ring. Hakuho has now apologized for his actions. It seems that Hakuho has been in a rage in the ring, so we can only expect another bloody match tomorrow.

Ozeki Goeido (8-1) defeated Yokozuna Kakuryu (7-2), which now protects Goeido from demotion to a lower rank.

Yokozuna Harumafuji (7-2) remained in the mix by shoving No. 4 maegashira Ikioi (7-2) out of the ring.

Another person facing potential demotion to a lower rank is Ozeki Terunofuji (6-3) who downed Sekiwake Toyonoshima (1-8). With this win Terunofuji gets closer to the 8 wins he needs to avoid demotion, while Toyonoshima’s 8th loss means he will face demotion.

Tune-in tomorrow for more sumo news!



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