Nisekoi 211


This week’s manga comes with the voting for the most popular characters in Nisekoi. And the winner is….Chitgoe Kirisaki with 4,443 votes! In a close second place is Kosaki Onodera with 4,337 votes. And rounding off the top three is Seishirou Tsugumi, one of my personal favorites. But where is Raku Ichijou?? Well, he is in 11th place! Not very good, but I’m sure many people get frustrated with his lack of honesty with the girls he likes….But now to this week’s issue!

Raku, Chitoge, and Kosaki are still stuck in the school, waiting for the storm to pass. Both Chitoge and Kosaki are sad, because they don’t know whether they should confess now that they can’t even see the meteor shower.


Raku doesn’t know why they are sad…as usual…so he decides to cheer them up by bringing the food that he made for everyone.


They start eating and are having a good time talking about things that they did in the past. Then Chitoge suddenly thanks both Raku and Kosaki for being such good friends to her. It’s a nice moment.


But then they realize that they’ve left the telescope on the roof! So they decide to go out and bring it in.


But Kosaki is clumsy (very clumsy), and slips in the rain.


So Raku jumps in to save her from the fall, only to get knocked unconscious when Kosaki lands on top of him.


So there you have it. On a day on which both Kosaki and Chitoge decided to confess to Raku, he is unconscious. Wow, what a surprise huh?

So Chitoge decides to go pick-up some items from the nurse’s office to help Raku, leaving Kosaki alone with Raku. Then suddenly they are in the middle of the storm and Kosaki can actually see the metoer shower!


There she is, watching the magical meteor shower, and Raku is unconscious. But then Kosaki does something unexpected…she confesses to Raku!


Normally, this would be frustrating, since Raku can’t even hear her. But someone did hear her…Chitoge!


Yes, it seems that now Chitoge knows that Kosaki likes Raku! And she can’t believe it.


What will happen next? Now that Chitoge knows Kosaki’s feelings, will she decide to reveal her feelings too? My guess is no. I think Chitoge will decide that she cannot ruin Kosaki’s chance at being with Raku, and will hide her feelings. But no one really knows.

So tune in next time for another issue of Nisekoi!



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