FOVE Changing Virtual Reality

FOVE lady

With the world of Virtual Reality (VR) becoming more of a reality each day, most people have already heard of the usual players like Sony’s Morpheus, Facebook’s Oculus, and Microsoft HoloLens. But there is a new player in town, and its name is FOVE.

FOVE is the world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset. The implications of this technology are astounding, since they can go well-beyond video games and other entertainment. This type of technology can change lives, since it can potentially allow you to do things without the use of your hands. Imagine that. Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.


FOVE, Inc.—the Tokyo-based company— was founded by CEO Yuka Kojima, a Japanese former game producer at none other than Sony Computer Entertainment, and Lochlainn Wilson, a developer with deep background in virtual reality. The idea all started at the University of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, but it has now reached the world.

FOVE is on an elevator ride to the top, as they just closed an $11M round of investment, and yeah that’s dollars—not Yen.

The name FOVE comes from a pairing of the word “fovea”— the part of the eye with the sharpest vision—and “love”. Well, I’d “love” to get my hands on this VR. Maybe we can make this happen?

The FOVE head-mounts will be shipped in the Fall of 2016, and you can get on the waitlist here:

To see all the possibilities with FOVE, then take a look at the following video:

To learn more about FOVE go to their site:

–The Japan Sauce Team


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