Waiter’s Race 2016

Hurry up and wait

Last week Japan had another cool event…a race! Hold on, it wasn’t just any race, it was the Waiter’s Race in Osaka, Japan. In this race, waiters and waitresses race each other while carrying a drink tray with a liquor bottle and glasses. The first group to the finish line without spilling the drinks or dropping the glasses wins!

Naturally, it was a very fun event to watch, and it looks like both the winners and losers had a great time.  Here is a short video from The Japan News coverage on this event.

This competition and other events were a part of the Umekita Festival 2016, which ran from March 25th through April 3rd. It was a festival celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the opening of the Grand Front Osaka. If you are in Osaka, please check-out the Grand Front Osaka, there are so many stores and things to do there!



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