Umekita Festival Breakdancing 2016


Another great event at this year’s Umekita Festival 2016 in Osaka, Japan was the Street Experience, which showcased breakdancing, beatboxing, and BMX.  The Umekita Festival 2016 was a 10-day festival in Osaka, Japan, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the opening of the Grand Front Osaka.

The highlight of the Street Experience event was the breakdancing from the Mortal Combat crew out of Osaka, Japan.


Here are a couple of the videos from Mortal Combat crew members—Bboy Juju and Bboy Kaku—at the Umekita Festival:

This is such amazing power and skill! Everyone was cheering and clapping for more. The Umekita Festival had something for everyone, including the lovers of dance.

To see more of the Mortal Combat crew, then please visit their website at:

Here is the video of their Championship Winning showcase at Japan Dance Delight 2015:

I can see why they won! I think we will have to reach out to the Mortal Combat crew, so that we can feature them right here on JapanSauce.Net! We may also need to dedicate a section specifically for all the wonderful dance that is happening in Japan. So stay tuned!



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