Shibuya LOFT “Iro Iro Mask” Event!

LOFT, a Japanese chain store specialized in stationery goods, fashionable household items, and everyday commodities, will have their “Iro Iro Mask” event from January 8th to January 25th at their Shibuya LOFT location.

The purpose of the event is to embrace the fact that face masks have become even more commonplace in Japan–and considering that a lot of Japanese people already wore face masks before COVID, that says a lot. This event will bring with it more than 460 different mask designs! And they will also sell other items to allow you to coordinate your masks with your outfits. You can be safe and fashionable.

Here are some of the masks you will find their:

This colorful mask that comes with matching tights, because you have to look your most Kawaii as you stroll through Shibuya or Akihabara.

This very fun, original design, which has a heavy Harajuku vibe to it.

These very artsy masks, which have some very vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns. I really like the black design.

And of course, another 456 mask designs if those don’t appeal to you.

So if you are in Shibuya, make sure to make a quick stop at the Shibuya Loft for some fun mask shopping. And while you are in the area, checkout Shibuya crossing and the wonderful Hachiko statue.


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