Calbee Makes Super Rare Snack – “Coro Coro Vegetable”!

Calbee, Inc., one of the most popular Japanese snack companies, has announced that they will be making a very-limited batch of their “Coro Coro Vegetable” snack. But just how limited?

Well, try only 120 bags, which are each only 4.38 ounces each. This makes this snack one of the rarest Calbee snacks every produced! The cost of each tiny bag is 800 yen ($7.77), which also makes it one of the most expensive Calbee snacks per ounce. This is not your average conbini bag of potato chips.

But if you are thinking about rushing out to catch one of these rare snacks, like Ash trying to find a new Pokémon, it ain’t gonna happen. All of these snack are already sold out!

But where did the idea for this rare snack come from? Well, it came from elementary students in Japan, of course. You see, Calbee has a “Sweets Contest” each year, in which elementary schools from Tochigi, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba participate. And the 2019 Sweets Contest winner was the “Coro Coro Vegetable” idea.

In short, this snack is a healthy snack, which contains corn, carrot, sweet potato, edamame, purple potato, and adzuki bean. Each piece is in the shape of a cube, which is stacked in the bag, Tetris-style. There are exactly 64 cubes of deliciousness in each bag. And according to Calbee, the process of making the cubes and stacking them was not an easy task. This is also why the bag is clear, because they want you to see all of the colors, as well as all of their hard work.

And to add to the rare nature of this snack, this is the first time since the start of the “Sweets Contest” in 2011 that Calbee has ever commercially produced any winning snack from the contest.

Here’s to hoping that they make more of these in the future, and maybe I can grab a bag of this healthy snack. Until then, I’ll stick with my usual Mister Donut goodies.


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