Pokemon Tokyo Banana!

Fans of Japanese snacks will be familiar with Tokyo Banana, which is a soft sponge cake filled with a banana custard cream. You will find it across many stores, shops, and train stations across Tokyo, and it is delicious! Well, Tokyo Banana recently teamed-up with Pokemon to create two news Tokyo Banana designs, the Pikachu Tokyo Banana and Eevee Tokyo Banana. They will be sold … Continue reading Pokemon Tokyo Banana!

Calbee Makes Super Rare Snack – “Coro Coro Vegetable”!

Calbee, Inc., one of the most popular Japanese snack companies, has announced that they will be making a very-limited batch of their “Coro Coro Vegetable” snack. But just how limited? Well, try only 120 bags, which are each only 4.38 ounces each. This makes this snack one of the rarest Calbee snacks every produced! The cost of each tiny bag is 800 yen ($7.77), which … Continue reading Calbee Makes Super Rare Snack – “Coro Coro Vegetable”!