Pokemon Tokyo Banana!

Fans of Japanese snacks will be familiar with Tokyo Banana, which is a soft sponge cake filled with a banana custard cream. You will find it across many stores, shops, and train stations across Tokyo, and it is delicious!

Well, Tokyo Banana recently teamed-up with Pokemon to create two news Tokyo Banana designs, the Pikachu Tokyo Banana and Eevee Tokyo Banana.

They will be sold in over 403 of the New Days stores beginning on July 6th, which you can conveniently find in tons of JR East train stations.

And they will come in several different fun designs, including the heart-style version shown above. You can buy two pieces for 291 yen ($2.62 USD), which isn’t a bad price for a Tokyo Banana.

I guess this means you have to catch them all…in your stomach! Enjoy!



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