Kisenosato Chanko Ramen Special!

Everyone in Japan is still celebrating the promotion of Kisenosato to Yokozuna, which makes him the first Japan-born Yokozuna in 19 years. And now, products from Ibaraki prefecture (his birthplace) are selling-out fast, including this awesomely delicious item: Special Kisenosato Chanko Ramen!


The cup noodles, made by Sanyo Food, have a smiling Kisenosato on the top cover, inviting everyone to get a bowl of yummy ramen. The cup of noodles come in two flavors (soy sauce and salty), and sell for 180 yen or $1.56 US Dollars.

I’m ordering my noodles now! Hey, maybe it will make me as strong as a Yokozuna, haha.



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